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Legionella Control Association registration number 1999/52 – Click here to see our our registered service categories



WATER cheap, abundant, and non-toxic An ideal medium for a variety of heat transfer processes … and a major cause of production downtime as well as a transmitter of disease.

“WATER TREATMENT? WE DON’T NEED TO USE IT!” is a phrase, surprisingly, often used by Engineers and Managers convinced that their system is in perfect order. The statistics speak for themselves.

“HOW MUCH WILL IT COST? WE CAN’T AFFORD IT!” … heard as much as the above. The truth is, that in many cases, not as much as you think, and probably less than you are paying at present. The Beacon approach is to provide a full service within the requirements of current legislation and guidelines, and to maintain a partnership between Client and Supplier by means of the technical back-up team assigned to you.

BEACON WATER TREATMENTS LIMITED as a provider of water treatment solutions offer on-site monitoring services, cooling and boiler system treatment chemicals, pre-treatment and chemical dosing plant, legionella Risk Assessment and control programmes and associated consultancy services. For more information browse this site or contact us.